A long time ago.. some time in the early 90's a man name Bill Gates created an operating system known as Windows.. and with that new operating system came many problems... 

A guy named Steve Jobs also created an operating system for a completely different computer--that too has problems, maybe not in the same way as Windows but it doesn't mean it is without its own share of issues.

Between these two operating systems, as well as all the additional devices now available in the mobile market such as phones and tablets, I am here to help make that technology simple, or at least easier to use and understand!

Making Technology less frustrating by taking care of the maintenance so that you have more time to enjoy using it instead of despising it!  Change is good--accepting change. Take advantage of what new technology can do for you.  It doesn't have to be intimidating, once you understand it, even a small amount, you will discover how facilitating it can be for you.

Who knows, you might actually find learning new technology fun!